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Member Profile: Glen

Let me introduce you to one of our very valued members and someone we’re glad to call a friend - Glen McDermott. Glen moved from his native Australia 11 years ago and recently launched an online e-learning business called iEvolve. which focused on the food & hospitality industries. Little did he know that much more than a business venture in America lay ahead of him…but first we must go back to Glen’s roots.

At the age of 10, he received a bicycle and everything changed. This “two-wheeled beast”, to quote Glen, became a new passion & a new way to connect with people and places that were previously outside his environment. There was something remarkable about the way a bicycle removed the insulation between a people and environments. This bicycle became as much a vehicle for growing his passion for people, nutrition, & the world around him, as much as for getting Glen around. Subsequently, this led to many cycling through countries around the globe

When he returned he began and a 9-month project with his brother to plant 30,000 trees in and around Canberra – Glen’s hometown. Today those trees are fully grown, some as wide as 4 feet and 100 ft high. In his words- “the greatest job satisfaction”

Glen joined our community at The Grove three months ago and found much more than a desk, internet, and good coffee. What he found was a collaborative community to “blue sky” ideas. In other words, thinking as high as you want to think without any tethers - an audacious venture for anyone. Even more profound, he found a community that gave him encouragement and a mature, diverse knowledge base to “blue sky” his passions around health, nutrition, and being a steward of the environment.

After years in visual retail marketing, a re-awakening and alignment of values & skill sets have culminated in the Glen’s current projects. One of which is donating 20% of his time to non-profit endeavors. Another, is helping bring healthy food options to convenience stores – to name a few of his ventures.

We’re so glad that the community at The Grove became fertile ground to openly discuss the values he holds, hence becoming a catalyst to “blue sky” a future that aligns with Glen’s passion for health, nutrition, and the environment on an e-learning platform.

Glen is also an accomplished photographer, chef, scuba diver, and avid cyclist. We’re glad to collaborate and dream with him.

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Wine’d Down Wednesdays

I wanted to post my comments on our Wine’d Down Wednesdays that have been going on for the last four weeks because there have been some fascinating conversations that have taken place. For those who are not familiar with this Wednesday event @ The Grove around 4:30pm we pop open a few bottles of wine (the number of which continues to grow) and sit around our big table and discuss the week. What are the latest projects you are working on? Any notable achievements or movement you have experienced?

What comes out of an event like this is community. Wednesday afternoon now seems to be our biggest coworking day. People are coming to connect, share their ideas, and discuss their struggles. Several of our friends from the city seem to pop in for the event as well.

So, if you are a member of The Grove or connected to one some way stop by on Wednesday afternoon and experience a space where the rivers of wine, conversation, and ideas are flowing into a sea of community.  

A Cultural Shift

In one sense The Grove is trying to bring about a cultural shift in New Haven, primarily in the way people and organizations work. Cultural shifts take time and are not easily nor quickly adopted. The Grove is providing a new kind of space to the people of New Haven. A space outside of home, outside of the coffee shop, and outside of a normal office. We are introducing a space that creates community, and inspires innovation. Members of The Grove find a launching pad for their ideas and passions in the context of others who are pursuing similar endeavors. Our hope is that the greater community would find The Grove to be a place that promotes innovation and poses creative solutions to New Haven’s issues and opportunities. 

If you are looking for a space to host an event, or find a community of like-minded individuals all working on interesting projects come stop in @ The Grove and check us out! 

Where do good ideas come from? They come from places where people can interact and share what is going on in their head. Places that are open to interaction, connection, and collaboration. Good ideas come from places like The Grove