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The Advantages of Co-Working

Co-working is not a new innovation. It has been around as long as humanity itself, if not longer. Only recently has it been utilized in the business setting as a way to bring ideas and people together in one place to work side-by-side. These people are writers, artists, web designers, self-employed free-lancers and entrepreneurs who have forged new ways to make a living by doing what they love from the comfort of their homes; however they have long since decided that sitting at home with nothing but a laptop or cell phone for company was not the way to spend their days. For the same reasons they decided not to work at an office with cubicles—the isolation and the lack of a supportive network— they longed to break out of their seclusion.

What is the solution for their problem? The answer is co-working organizations like The Grove that use synergy—which literally means two or more parts working independently but towards the same goal or result—to provide their members with the most advantages possible.  These advantages include:

  • A collaborative atmosphere
  • A supportive network
  • A shared working environment
  • An escape from the distractions of the home
  • An alternative to working in cafés and coffee shops
  • Independence
  •  Assistance from other co-workers

 Working in this friendly, supportive environment provided by The Grove, there is no lack of help. If you need a push, they are willing to give it to you. Even if you do not have a membership, you are a part of the community because The Grove isn’t just the members and their organizations but New Haven as a whole. Everyone at The Grove works together for the betterment of the city. New Haven is a part of The Grove community and The Grove is a part of the New Haven community.


How Coworking Spaces Will Help Shape The New Economy


Great article from the peeps over at The Cube in London. This kind of thinking is exactly what The Grove has going on in New Haven. We are creating a space for connection and the creation/sharing of ideas that create the new economy we live in.

Coworking spaces are more than just…

Wine’d Down Wednesdays

I wanted to post my comments on our Wine’d Down Wednesdays that have been going on for the last four weeks because there have been some fascinating conversations that have taken place. For those who are not familiar with this Wednesday event @ The Grove around 4:30pm we pop open a few bottles of wine (the number of which continues to grow) and sit around our big table and discuss the week. What are the latest projects you are working on? Any notable achievements or movement you have experienced?

What comes out of an event like this is community. Wednesday afternoon now seems to be our biggest coworking day. People are coming to connect, share their ideas, and discuss their struggles. Several of our friends from the city seem to pop in for the event as well.

So, if you are a member of The Grove or connected to one some way stop by on Wednesday afternoon and experience a space where the rivers of wine, conversation, and ideas are flowing into a sea of community.