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Creativity - Guest Blog by Create96

Walk into any classroom of small children and ask them who can draw. I guarantee you’ll get a room full of excited raised hands.  Then when they’re done,  ask them to show you their pictures and they’ll be falling over themselves (often literally) to be the first to show off their dinosaurs, unicorns, family portraits and wild designs.  The sense of creativity in the room is palpable and exciting.

But skip ahead just a few years and imagine walking into that same room full of high-schoolers (or even worse adults in an office) and ask the same question.  You might get a tentative hand or two to go up and agree to draw but good luck getting them to actually show you anything, let alone share it with the group.

There are plenty of people who seem to think this is a good thing, that we need to stifle our creative impulses, abandon our art in favor of solid, safe things that are more likely to pay us money.

We totally disagree.  Creativity isn’t just important, it’s necessary for the individual and for our society.

At the outset of Create96 two marketing guys came together over extremely similar mission statements we’d written on the subject of creativity.

“Creation is vital because inside everyone, including myself, are amazing stories, ideas and creations that need to be released, realized and shared so they can touch, inspire and change the world” - Mason Rabinowitz

“Transformation through creation, maybe it’s not just about the creation but about who we become through creating.”  - Jeff Kubarych

We decided to take our common passion for creativity to start something that would encourage the creative spark in all of us.  At Create96 we hope to provide inspiration, permission (not that you need it but just in case that’s what’s holding you back), and encouragement to create new and exciting things and then share them with a supportive and enthusiastic community.

We hope to inspire us all to become artists, film-makers, writers, builders, designers and creators of any and everything we can imagine.

Because who knows what we’ll create?

Who knows what we’ll become through creating?

We’re all familiar with the idea that when you take something out of the world you “86 it” and frankly the world does enough 86ing all on it’s own.  So we’d like to introduce a new phrase “96 it” for when you bring something brand new from your imagination into the world.  

So whether you’ve got an old creative passion you’d like to reignite or a creative outlet you’ve always wanted to try, consider this your challenge from us to go out there and 96it!

Jeff and Mason


The Grove and Ripple100 Launch Dream.Haven

DREAM.HAVEN is a collaborative experiment. Ripple100 The Storytelling App | Agencyand The Grove, A New kind of Social Space are getting together with the people of New Haven. We’re asking: What is your Dream?

Can the dreams of everyday citizens transform a city through storytelling, connecting, and collaborating? We will capture your dream, share it with others and see what happens when our storied dreams collide. 

We encourage you to go to the website www.dreamnhv.com and watch others from New Haven share their dreams, and then submit your own. We hope this organic form of storytelling leads to connection, collaboration, and an exciting movement throughout the city. 

A little more about who Ripple100 is:

Ripple100 The Storytelling App | Agency 

Like an ad agency, except we don’t do ads. We meet the same needs: brand, awareness, engagement, loyalty. Instead of ads we tell stories, mixing tech and sociology, we share with friends, they share with theirs. Like ripples we are moved in expanding circles to share, to buy, to vote, to advocate, to love and loyalty, to be communities of action, to do well and do good.

Read about The Grove in the NH Register

The Grove, New Haven’s first co-working and collaborative space that has already attracted members who can come use the facilities, which includes basic work space and meeting rooms, through day passes or monthly.

“We are really trying to create a very innovative ecology for the free-lancers of the city where they can find a place to work and network. It’s kind of an alternative to working out of your home or a coffee shop,” said Slate Ballard, who co-founded it with Ken Janke.

They plan to run workshops on networking, marketing, social media and other aspects of business development.

Where do good ideas come from? They come from places where people can interact and share what is going on in their head. Places that are open to interaction, connection, and collaboration. Good ideas come from places like The Grove

Coworking…What you see is what you get!

I have heard it said that what you see is what you get. Living in my neighborhood has given me a whole new understanding of what that means. As I survey the landscape, I can be assured that the urban decay brought on by cycles of disinvestment, poverty brought on by a broken welfare system, loneliness brought on by fear, addictive behavior brought on by the breakdown of family, will continue unless a new vision can become reality. I long to see something different, and we are beginning to see transformation talking place.

The idea of a vision and a people succeeding has a lot to do with the power of collaboration. The work I do in my neighborhood depends on my ability to develop relationships and identify assets already found in the neighborhood in individuals and groups. Then, by working with local neighbors, this information is used to help create a new vision for a livable neighborhood. Collaboration is the only way I know to get the job done, because the work is too great to go it alone and others need to see what could be in order to fight for what is needed. Collaboration empowers people to take responsibility for their own lives. It helps neighbors to help their neighbors and moves them from welfare and relief to empowerment. It focuses on assets found in the neighborhood, which fosters local ownership of the problems urban neighborhoods face.

Collaboration is the ability to multiply each others’ strengths, and to produce a result that no party could have achieved alone. Newer, never before seen capability, as well as new opportunities, are the hallmark of true collaboration. When  collaboration is valued, each member will contribute to the mutually agreed upon objectives and goals. The outcome is, “We did it together”.

Why form a collaborative effort?

• It is a relational way of operating between organizations who desire to see change take place.
• Much more can be accomplished through the combined effort of the entities than can be accomplished alone.
• It cuts down on the tendency to reinvent the wheel as people and organizations learn from each other.
• It encourages the use of complementary gifts and allows pooling of resources.
• Fewer resources are used as organizations draw upon each others resources to accomplish the agreed goals.
• It allows for the real development of the power and potential within the group.
• New ideas come from letting people work things out themselves. This is an attribute of the whole, not of the individual members.

I have been working to develop Groundworks and the Grove as a way to harness the power of collaboration to confront the complex issues we face in our community. Groundworks helps incubate ideas, projects and new initiatives that can address the systemic issues in our city. The beauty of this is found in the co-creative nature that emerges through the collaborative process.

Funding for social innovation can be tough. Economics and the need for finacial funding can be a tough reality because transformation takes time and incramental change is difficult to quantify. One of the powerful realities that comes through collaboration is the fact that together is more and alone is less. There are innovative ways to go further with less. When we share finacially to accomplish the collective dream, we find the resourses needed. The biblical story of Jesus feeding the 5000 points to the truth that when we share what we have, we find more than enough. I can also say that when organizations decide to collaborate, we find that when one moves, the others move like gears. Each organization at the table benefits from the provision and success of the other. Collaboration has the power to end competition between people and organizations because the social reality is when one takes two steps forward we all move forward, and thats a win for all. When people commit to the process, understand who they are and what they can bring to the table, we have a powerful formula for change.