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The Grove and our Values…

The path for every new emerging success story is paved in a value driven ethos that curates the ecology of the work. At the Grove our community is drawn together around a specific group of values that hold the center ground for the work created there. At the Grove we are intentional about cultivating a values driven community. Here is a quick list of the values that help inform the way we work and create in our social space.

Contribution: We value the individual’s unique voice, and believe that offering that voice to the whole creates a matchless collective environment and aids others in attaining a dream.

Peer-production: We value peer-to-peer models of organizing movements that are self-organized to incubate initiatives, create knowledge, and provide shard experiences.

Collaboration: We desire to create space for collective knowledge and horizontal networks that ignites talent, ingenuity, and intelligence.

Stewardship: We value the commitment to join others in journeying towards achieving a dream.

Resourcing: We value an environment in which relational sharing creates fast, fluid, and innovative initiatives.

Learning: We value the discovery and accumulation of knowledge through a communal learning process that enables one to grow and contribute to a forum of ideas filled with highly skilled talent and information.

Co-creating: We value the power of creating collectively and discovering new dreams and ideas that could not have been discovered alone.

Incubation: We value creating space to imagine and giving time for ideas to grow and mature, ending the cycle of aborted dreams and lost ideas.

Together we are helping to shape a new way of working while valuing our work and those we work with. The future demands a new way of working that celebrates the community and its collective power.