Incubation: ending the cycle of aborted dreams and lost ideas.

At the Grove we value creating space to imagine and giving time for ideas to grow and mature, ending the cycle of aborted dreams and lost ideas. The process of incubating an idea or a movement begins with a permissioning culture that supports creativity. We believe that permissioning others to create in an atmosphere that feels like an experimental laboratory empowers people to take risks with their idea and begin to engineer their vision.

So many times we are told that our idea is crazy or that it cant be done. You may have heard someone say 86 it, which means throw it out.  At the Grove we say 96 it, which has become our way of saying create it.  At the Grove, we are working with others who have a dream, and who want to begin making good on that idea or initiative. One exciting development has been the newCreate96 initiative.

Jeff and Mason, two individuals who co-work at the Grove, launched this creative movement. Recently the two of them put out a challenge. They developed a “30 in 30 Challenge Board” and asked people to create one thing in the next 30 days.  Those who take on the challenge can build, paint, design, make, assemble, write, draw, record or do whatever it takes to create the item. Transformation through creation is their big idea.

The power of this simple challenge is to move others to action. Jeff and Mason are helping people create and this is unlocking the creativity that often gets set aside and hinders the design steps we need to engineer our dream or idea. If you need help incubating your idea or dream the Grove is a great place with great people who can support you in the process.